Drilling Foam


Modifoam 735 is a special mixture of anionic surfactants resulting in a high performance drilling foam for hammer and
air rotary drilling. Modifoam 735 can be used in fresh, brackish, hard or salty water. Modifoam 735 generates stable foams
which can be boosted into a very stiff foam by adding ARGIPOL Liquid or PAC L. Modifoam 735 is very effective when drilling large holes in areas where lost circulation is expected.

Drilling Foam for rock drilling, water well drilling, mining, for simple air drilling and stiff foam drilling by adding polymers.

Modifoam 735 is a high performance foaming agent in air drilling applications. The foam is generated at the surface by mixing the air from the compressor with the liquid Modifoam 735/water solution from the pump.
Ready mixed Modifoam 735 is a drilling foam with high elasticity and high carrying capacity which improves borehole stability in poorly consolidated sand and gravel formations.

With Modifoam 735 an extended bit life is achieved. The compressed air cools the bit and carries the cuttings up very quickly. Modifoam 735 increases the penetration rate remarkably, in many cases the drilling procedure is 2 – 3 times faster resulting in a longer bit life.
Modifoam 735 is a pale yellow liquid. It is completely soluble in water.Modifoam 735 is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

drilling foam - mousse de foragePackaging:
25 kg jerry cans
200 kg plastic drums
1000 kg containers


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