The Phrikolat App is addressed to everyone who is involved in Drilling Fluids and Horizontal Directional Drilling at HDD jobsites.

It is mainly meant for Phrikolat customers and customers want to be. Target group No. 1 are jobsite supervisors, drillers and surveyors of small and medium size drilling rigs.

In this App you will find information on the Phrikolat drilling fluid products and their use in different soil conditions (mixing tables) as well as tables with HDD related dimensions and main characteristics of HDPE-pipes, conversion tables of physical units and much more.
Main subject of the App are simple calculations for almost everything that has to be calculated in the everyday jobsite - without Internet, without Laptop, without calculator and above all without the time consuming search around for old recordings.

No internet connection available at the jobsite? After installing the App runs without internet and phone reception. Currently there are 23 simple calculations and 13 reference tables. The use of the Phrikolat App is very easy and comfortable - it really is an App for the jobsite.

To download click on icon below or search App-store for: "Phrikolat HDD Basics".

Drilling-App download, hier klicken Drilling-App download, hier klicken


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