Bentonite Type W-Premium

HDD Bentonite for Maxi Rig Applications

Bentonite Type W–Premium is a high yield Wyoming-type sodium bentonite especially developed for HDD maxi rig applications. The product is characterized by a high shear thinning rheology and high initial gel strengths. Its extra high carrying capacity and hole cleaning properties even at very long crossings and low flow velocities as encountered at big diameter drillings. Due to the excellent shear thinning properties of BentoniteType W–Premium the risk of break outs is reduced remarkably.

Additives for increasing viscosity and carrying capacity are not recommended.
PAC L or PAC ULV can be used to reduce filtrate.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) – Maxi Rig Applications


  • Excellent shear thinning rheology
  • High carrying capacity at low annular velocities
  • High initial Gel Strength
  • Extraordinary high viscosity at low shear rates (LSRV)
  • Minimum resistance to flow/to pump.
  • Low annular pressure loss
  • Quick ready to use
  • Low polymer content
  • Good recycling properties on shakers

Typical Concentrations:
Cohesive Soils: 30 - 35 kg/m³
Mixed Soils / Sand: 35 - 40 kg/m³
Coarse Soils, Gravel: 45 - 50 kg/m³

To achieve best performance of the product it is recommended to mix slowly and uniformly through a high shear jet-type mixer over one or more cycles of the volume of the slurry. Minimum mixing time 20 minutes. The make-up water should be checked for pH value and water hardness, for necessary adjustment use soda ash (a maximum of 0.4 kg/m³).

Phrikolat Bentonite Type WPackaging:
Big Bags à 1000 kg


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